Early in the pandemic we noticed that the sky had changed. There was softness in the air. The birds sang with more variety, more sweetness. It felt as if Mama Earth was taking a break from the noise and frantic energy of us humans.

We wondered, in those early days, how the renewal of the earth that we felt each morning on our walk up the trailhead into wilderness, could continue.

Perhaps we begin with awareness of our very nature. We are, at the very core, all made of the same Source energy, all connected at a soul level. In ceremony with a Lakota medicine man, I was told that their word for the earth means “The me that I walk upon.” I carry this lesson in my bones.

At the same time, we have each chosen a unique, deeply personal story to act out during our time upon the earth.

This paradox is the beauty of being human. The “yes and” of life.

Until very recently, the game of business has been played on a “yes only” field, where masculine energy of action and domination are celebrated. The feminine, seeped in emotions and intuition, has been relegated to the shadows. True leaders have long followed their intuition, but it isn’t spoken about. Instead, boardrooms are filled with market forecast charts, data sets, and consumer surveys.

The Earth whispers, “There is a different way, a better way, a healthier way.”

We are being called into a “yes and” way of being, where both the feminine and masculine energy in each of us is honored and respected. Where business is crafted in the Spirit realms, infused with Source energy, then birthed with the action of our devoted masculine into the physical world.

Where we take time each day to walk the Earth, feeling the energy of the animals hidden from our human eyes, the ancient rock peoples, the gently rustling tree peoples. Acknowledging that we are all one. Asking, how may I honor and care for all the people, all the beings on the planet. Because in caring for all, we care for our individual highest and best good.

A way where we pause and allow the light and love of Source to fill us, connecting with our Highest Self, the woman we were born to be, the Goddess-self within. Clearing away any energy that does not serve us, any tendrils of disempowering beliefs, any hooks from those who would keep us small and powerless so they too can stay small. 

A way where we regularly enter the spirit realms, connecting with the energy of our Business seeking insights and laying the energetic pathways for our Divine Right Clients to find us. Dancing in the mystery of the unseen as we open to receive more money, more love, more acknowledgment, more adventure.

A way where we light candles and burn sage, infusing magic into our messaging and enchantment into our work.

And then, returning fully to the physical plane, solidly grounded, to take action:  Put pen to paper, map out the programs and products that were revealed,  send the emails, do the social media marketing, show up for speaking gigs.  All of these and the  other “doing things” that are required to bring our vision to a solid state.

Remembering always that we are both souls having a human experiences and humans carrying the Goddess within us, we are the “yes and”.

With all my heart,

PS. We are still taking applications for the Art of Audacious Prosperity, a  6-month, small group journey into creating your own successful “yes and” business .

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