There is a place  Outside of space and time

In a golden pasture

On a wild beach

In a garden of your own desire

Where you meet Her

And discover you’ve known Her all along

A version of you who walks the spirit world

Who breakfasts with the Goddess

Bathes in the pure love of Source energy

Understands who you really are

All of you

Not just the pretty, pretty parts you show the world

Or the wounded parts that weep in the arms of your lover But also, the fierce and fiery parts that scare you

The silly, small parts that embarrass you

The fearful parts that pull you back into shadows urging more caution, more waiting, more lurking in the corners until you’ve gained the next certificate, the next training, the next… something.

She sees all of this

And loves you in spite of/ because of it

As you recognize her love

Her grace

Her tender strength

Her ability to create magic

You begin to understand that She is you and you are Her

Your Highest Self

The You you were born to be

Before the world taught you that you were not allowed to be:
… Powerful
… Beautiful
… Magic

Invite Her in

Feel Her merge with you

Hand to hand

Heart to heart

Pussy to pussy

Toe to toe

From this place, you create a wild and juicy life

From this place, you manifest your soul desires

From this place you craft the Feminine way of doing business

Sharing your gifts and wisdom

Receiving ever increasing flows of money, love, respect and acknowledgment

I invite you to consider joining me in the Art of Audacious Prosperity and experience what it’s like to build a financially successful, soul-guided business in partnership with your Highest Self.

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With all my heart,

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