Your business has its own energy body.

It is connected to you, having chosen you to birth it into the world.

As such, it has insights beyond what our mind can perceive.

When the clients I work with begin to understand this reality, their way of working begins to change.

The other day, my business told me that it needed to go to the beach.

I, busy with other things, ignored it.

The next day, I felt my business’ longing to see the ocean. Again, I put it off. “I have things to do,” I told it. “We can go on the weekend. I’ll take the littles.”

By the third day, my creativity had run dry. I had emails to write, team to direct, clients needing me to give input on their stuff…. And I felt limp.

So, I drove the 15 minutes to the beach.

The waves rolled up the beach with the even breath of Mama Earth. My own breathing deepened, easing into a natural match for the energy of the land.

I opened to the beauty before me and gratitude filled my heart. I’m so lucky to live in a place where nature in so many forms is so accessible.

And then, my business began to speak again.

I opened my laptop and went to work. The emails flowed easily onto the page needing very little editing, I opened my clients’ questions and allowed Source to provide the answers. In a very short amount of time, all the work I had been agonizing over was complete… and done well.

“You see,” my business told me, “We just needed to come to the beach.”

There is an unspoken rule in the world of entrepreneurship. Working hours mean sitting behind a computer screen, tied to our desk, skipping lunch to hammer out the results we want.

There is a different way. A way that allows you to sit on the beach in the middle of a Wednesday, to hike in the hills on a Tuesday, to create laser beam lights with a ball of yarn wrapped around your living room furniture with your little people on a Friday afternoon.

A way of doing business that feels life giving to BOTH you and your business.

This way requires that you recognize the wisdom of our business. That you connect to it regularly.

Some days it will tell you to go to the beach. Some days it will dictate a brand-new program that your logical mind would never have thought of. Some days it will tell you to focus and get the stuff done. And some days, it just wants to know that you love it.

In the Art of Audacious Prosperity, you’ll learn to connect with the energy of your business to create your programs that are soul-designed, craft launches that align with your energy and skills, and receive input on the next right steps for growing your income and your impact…

And sometimes, to be directed to the beach.

We start soon. I invite you to apply to be part of this amazing group of sisters today. Send me a note saying, “I’m ready to receive audacious prosperity” and I’ll get you the info.

With all my heart,

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