Dearest friend,

Last weekend we attended the Immersive Van Gogh exhibition in San Francisco

If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it.

You sit in a large room as Van Gogh’s work plays across the walls floor to ceiling, reflecting patterns and colors on the floor, your arms, your face.

I was drawn, at times,  into the tiny details of each brush stroke carefully laid on the canvas, building layers upon layers.

Other times I was transported into a sea of color as the walls filled with blue iris or yellow sunflower.

My soul reveled in the beauty.

“What,” I wondered, “has made this artist so sought after. So popular.” Yet even as I asked, I could feel the answer in my bones.

Van Gogh painted because he had no other choice. It was his soul calling him to leave his essence in the paint. His soul’s lingering whispers that call us to witness his work and remind us to remember our own soul whispers.

I was recently working with a client on an amazing event she is offering in Oct. We had been fine tuning her message for a while when she made a somewhat innocent comment about the people she is calling in.

 And we both stopped…

… “That’s it,” she said, tears welling up in her eyes. “That is who my peeps are.”

We had heard a soul whisper refinement.

This client is so connected with Source, so connected to her BIG picture that she sometimes misses the small details. The things that really count when you are letting people know what you are up to. The tiny, carefully layered  brush strokes of clear, soul whispered marketing.

Let me give you an example:

Sometimes, marketing will say, “This is for Heart-centered people ready to step into their leadership and change the world!!!!”

That sounds great. But most people just want to get up in the morning without pain, get their kids out the door without massive meltdowns, lose 10 lbs, know that their spouse will be there with a genuine hug when they get home, and watch their money grow 30% in the coming months.

Saving the world is something that is a beautiful to gaze upon, but real life is way more important to your peeps.

As you look at your own messages, are you Van Gogh-ing them? Are you carefully and clearly painting the tiny, specific, real-world, day to day problems your clients face so that the problems are known and acknowledged?  Do you then reveal the full, vibrant picture of how working with you to solve those problems will make their soul swoon with pleasure?

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With all my heart,

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