Last week was the Fall Equinox.

A time when the day and the night are equal.

I woke with pressure behind my eyes. By evening it blossomed into a full – on migraine.

I did all things to relieve it, and within a few hours it was gone.

I’ve never had a headache act like that.

I can attribute it to many things. Not enough water, a heavy workout with lots of shoulder stuff, the wrong combination of foods, underlying anxiety that I’m not checking off the big stuff on my list.

And yet….

…. Our bodies are our natural compass. They give messages if we are willing to listen.

So I grounded, sent Source energy running through my body, and checked in with the Record Keepers, the unseen keepers of my soul’s record, ever present guides for my highest good.

Their message on this day of balance was, of course, balance. The ability to be both in the light of the world and the darkness of the unknown.

Like Persephone, spending half the year in the physical world and half the year in the underworld guiding lost souls into the next state of being, we are called to walk both paths.

The world is filled with fear, and it’s coming to the surface on so many different ways, so many different subjects.

This requires us to develop empathy, even when we abhor the way that fear is being acted out.

I will, and do, stand for what I believe to be true and life giving. Faced with someone whose actions shock and dismay me, I will strive for empathy at the pain that their soul is experiencing. I will never condone their actions, but will look beneath the surface knowing that somewhere inside is a pure soul that is suffering and actions are intended to be good.

This is hard.

I’ve found myself feeling angry, sad, betrayed and bitter. It hurts my soul.

Yet my body says it can hold those feelings and still have empathy.

With empathy, we can show the way to release fear. When we release fear, we can work together to solve the problems that divide us.

What, I wonder, is possible then?

With all my heart,

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