When we walk each morning these days, there is a distinct chill in the air.

Winter is coming and with it, a pull to reflect on the past year.

When the pandemic hit, I started coloring my own hair. At first it was fun to play with color. Then I started to notice the patterns as the grey emerged. I became fascinated with the way it looked and how it made me feel.

My first grey hair, after my divorce at age 38, sent me into a short-lived spiral of doom. But not now. I’m decades away from that woman. Decades into my own study of the feminine, my own healing. I am fully in the age of wisdom keeper, fully embracing the title.

And my grey hair feels aligned.

My outer being reflects the inner alignment that has taken root over the past few years. My programs reflect the magic that I teach my clients.

Building spells into marketing, healing the wounds of the past to clear a path for clients and money to find you, opening your soul records to find the best and highest way forward, tapping into Mama Earth for energy.

Sometimes I think, if only my neighbors knew what kind of woo I’m up to over here, spreading a cloud of love and light over our neighborhood, our country, our planet….

Pulling clouds of fear from the air and laying them in a sacred fire to purify them so I can breathe….

Running Source energy through my body to cleanse, heal, and reintegrate …

Lighting candles for my tribe, opening a crystal healing chamber for their highest and best healing….

Before I sit and write sales content…

Before I work with my clients to magnetize money, clients and love to them…

Before I hear from and instruct my team on the best ways to support the growth of my business…

And then I realize, we need to plan another dinner party. I have so much to share!

Because when you truly aligned with your purpose, the words are easy.

With all my heart,

P.S… Check out my latest podcast episode with Bonnie Groessl where we talk about The Mindset of Success.

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