Sometimes we stop at the very edge of success. We are too tired. We’ve invested so much time, energy, money. The results are not what we expected.

I’ll just take a little break, we say.  A week, a month. The break stretches on and our dream slips away.

When success is just about to break through, we stop.  The roots have taken hold and the dream is about to become visible, like an early season crocus pushing through the snow.

With just a little more effort, a little more push, we can finally make it happen.

At least, that’s what the world tells us.

“Don’t stop now,” the gurus shriek. “You are almost there.”

Sometimes this  message is true. Our inner protectors, those parts that keep us safe by keeping us small, form a mighty wall.

“Stop!!” they yell. “This is not working. Let’s just stay here, in the darkness, where our enemies can’t find you. Here in the cave of the powerless, where you won’t be required to do anything. Here, alone, safe from the unknown dangers that exist when you become recognized, acknowledged, successful.”

Our inner protectors have reason to fear your success. Powerful women have been demonized throughout history. Burned at the stake, tossed into rivers, harassed, stalked, called ‘Nasty woman’. Powerful women are feared because their fire burns so brightly.

And society, your past life experiences, and your family rules have taught you to fear.

Powerful women know that sometimes you need to sidestep the fear and just take the next right step, write the next email, reach out to one more potential client, spend another 10 minutes lovingly crafting your next program.

But sometimes, you just-need – to – stop and enter the cocoon of evolution.

In the cocoon, work looks different.

It’s taking a long hike into golden Autumn foothills, feeling the energy of Mama Earth fill you.

It’s pulling out your paints and allowing your Soul’s Song to play out in vibrant brush strokes across a blank canvas, feeling the shape of each stroke in your body, placing them with wild abandon.

It’s dancing, and napping, and listen for the whispers of Source that elevate your vibration, taking you to the next level of wisdom, healing and magnetism.

Until it’s time again to do. Allowing the Divine Masculine to rise up and take powerful, aligned actions, calling in the right clients, opening all the channels for money to flow to you, building your platform for sharing your magic with the world.

How do you know which it is? Whether your desire to stop is a call to the cocoon of evolution or a panicked plea of fear?

Sweet sister, you have to do the deeper work to: (BTW – this is where having a coach who can hold space for your healing, as well as instruct you on the business stuff, really helps.)

  • Connect with Source energy
  • Discover what triggers your inner protectors/saboteurs and redirecting them so you can feel safe attracting success
  •  Allow the wounded parts of you to heal so that the weight of the wounds is lifted
  • Allow the very cells of your body to reform as you uplevel
  • Learn to decipher the whispers of soul-truth as they come
  • Know the right time to take action

This is such a different way of doing business, such a different way of sharing that my inner protectors are a bit alarmed. And yet, I know it’s true. I know that this is the way of success, true success, moving forward.

With all my heart,

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