I’ve been thinking about vibration lately.

We are, all, made of Source energy.

As energy, we vibrate at various frequencies.

Lower frequency is dense. It weighs us down, anchoring us in the problems of the world, trapping us in inertia and fear.

Clouds of loneliness, helplessness and powerlessness envelope us.

Our Feminine selves become manipulative shrews, doing all we can to just get by. The masculine in us becomes a power-hungry bully, attempting to dominate ourselves and others in a misguided attempt to regain the higher vibration we crave.

These energies drag us lower and lower into competition and bitterness.

Higher frequency, on the other hand, feels light.

It opens your third eye to see previously unseen solutions, to hear the wisdom of your Highest Self and your spirit guides and guardians. It opens your ability to hear the whispers of your Soul revealing the soul work you were born to do and illuminating the highest and best pathways to market your work.

Higher frequencies allow us to move through the denseness of the world finding pathways of healing and light… and lighting the pathway for others to follow. For the business witch, this is the light that pulls clients into her realm, so she can share her healing with them.

Money, too, prefers a higher frequency. It is easier for Money to find it’s way to us when we vibrate in the higher ranges.

Money wants to dance into your life to the sound of your laughter spilling joy into the world. Money wants to bless you with juicy adventures, time with loved ones, space to experience what it is to be alive. And then, soaked in your expansive vibration, to be passed along to bless others in their earth experience.

Money will still come when you grind away, forcing yourself to work hard. But it will feel heavy and carry so much weight that it’s hard to increase the amount that flows through you. Raising your vibration allows you to create more money with more ease. 

The Wild Witch/ Sorceress understands that the easiest way to manifest is to align as closely as possible with the frequency of Source, releasing past life vows and family beliefs that hold us hostage. Unveiling and healing our wounded selves. And stepping fully into our Highest Selves.

I have room in Oct to guide three women into alignment with their highest frequency, so they can open the flow for more income and more joy before the end of this year.

To apply, schedule a complementary Feminine Business Assessment call with me today.

With all my heart,

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