Oh, sweet body

That has carried me so many miles

Through tears and laughter

Injury, illness and radiant health

Through babies, or not babies

Through lovers and friends and dark places

I dance you now

I dance in your honor

Releasing the constraints of polite society

Liberating you from the words of hate that have leveled as bombs

By me and others

Freeing you from the criticism of my hips that are wide, wonderful, womanly hips or narrow and boy-like, sometimes both

Breast that are either too small or too large but never quite just right

A belly that swells and shrinks each month with the moon, uncontrolled by my desire for perfection

As I dance the wounds of this world drop away

Like teardrops into the womb of Mama Earth

I dance life back into my Sacred Feminine power centers

Swaying my hips and opening my womb, my pussy, my creativity

Raising my arms as my heart opens spilling love into the world in an ever-increasing flow of light

Opening my throat to howl and sing and sigh with my song

The song of a wildling

The song of a healer
The song of Woman

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