Last week I took Maddie and her dog for a hike on the trails behind our house.

She led me to bench overlooking a magic wood. As we sat there, enjoying the sun, I taught her a little woodland magic.

“Close your eyes,” I told her. “What do you feel?”

“I feel the wind,” she said.

“Excellent. Now hold out your hand and tell me when you can feel my hand close to yours.”

When our hands were two inches apart, she nodded. “I feel it.”

“That is energy,” I explained. “Now reach out with your energy and tell me when you feel the dog.”

“I feel her,” she said. “She feels jumpy and excited even though she is sitting still.”

“Good job!” I said. “Now reach your energy out even more. What else can you feel?”

While she named bugs and birds, I turned to my own awareness, feeling the hill we were sitting on. The solidness of the grandfather stones, the healing magic of the grandmother trees. I felt the energy of Mama Earth supporting and grounding us. I took a breath, allowing any energy that I was carrying not in my highest good to drip away back to Mama Earth for her cleansing and transformation.

I felt the energy of the small creatures, the bugs and lizards, the moles and rabbits that inhabit the hills, adding their animal magic to the world.

And something bigger, not far away. Something that told me it was time to go.

I’ll never know what that hint of danger was.

Was I feeling the energy of the Mountain Lion walking from his afternoon nap? A human that might not have the best of intentions? The coming encounter with an off-leash dog that required firm handling to keep our dog under control?

What I do know is to trust those messages when they come. To trust when Mama Earth sends energy of love and to trust when my senses tell me it’s time to move on.

Practicing this trust in nature allows me to have trust in the energy of my business when it tells me today is a day for writing, or for going to the beach, or for engaging on social media. It allows me to trust when I open the Akashic Records for a client and I feel the energy tingling up my neck that the highest and best pathway for growing their business is being shown to us. It allows me to trust that when I sense the room becoming filled with unseen helpers that the path is being cleared for success.

Trust in my body’s ability to feel the truth is the first gift of woodland magic.

I’m curious, what do you feel when you close your eyes and extend your energy?

With all my heart,

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