The days are growing darker. It’s frankly getting harder to get up in the morning. It’s dark and cold.

And yet, I love the morning once I get going. I love the smell of fall on our morning walk. I love the special color of the sky as night turns to day.

This is the time of year, in my hemisphere, for turning inward and allowing the dream of the coming year to unfold.

AND we still have a few months of this year to complete.

I’m in the place of yes and both.

So I’m taking more time to daydream what 2022 will be, and planning some events to help you create a container to manifest more love, money, respect and acknowledgement in 2022… watch your emails, I’ll be sending details soon.

At the same time, I’m working closely with my clients to help them close out 2021 on a financially abundant and joyful note.

One of my favorite practices for this is to call upon the energy of the business.

Your business is an energetic body all it’s own. It is connected with you, counting on you to birth it into the world. It is it’s own entity with ideas and insights that only it has.

The energy of your business operates outside of your ego, so it knows when you are taking action for the ego boosting hit or taking action that is aligned with your soul purpose.

And it can see the highest and best steps forward for its own elevation and your highest profit months.

After all, we are in business for profit….so let’s do this thing.

I invite you to find out more about how your business can partner with you to create a very successful end of 2021 and lay the foundation to double or triple your income in 2022.

Schedule a complimentary Feminine Business Assessment with me today.

~~ I have room in my schedule for three new women before the end of 2021. Don’t wait~~ 

With all my heart,

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