Two and a half months left of 2021How do you want to finish this year?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this question lately.

I have some projects that I really want to finish.

I’m dedicated to my clients having the growth, both personally and financially, that they are desiring.

And I’m committed to listen to my body. To slow down and spend time in the dream space.

We all have been through a huge shift in the past two years. It’s not over yet. In that shift have been huge opportunities for growth, new doors opening even as the old comfortable ones have closed.

I am not, we are not, the same people that we were in early 2020.  

The world cracked open with the start of the pandemic and under all of the fear, the anger, the helplessness, a beam of hope shown through.

Rumi tells us, “The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

Your light is exactly what the world needs right now.

This doesn’t mean put on your perky, all is well, head in the sand pants and pretend.

It does mean that it is time, more than ever, to do the deep, soul healing work which will allow your light to beam into the world.

Even if you’ve done the work before, there is always a new layer to be explored.

Under the layers of childhood wounding, there is the layer of ancestral damage. The sins of the fathers/mothers passed down through unspoken rules of who you are allowed to be, what you are allowed to accomplish.

I was recently working with a client, when her father popped into the space. He has been gone many years, and yet I heard his voice declaring that she shouldn’t make more money than she is now. It just wasn’t done in their family.

My client has done the work. She has released layers and layers of old beliefs and is very successful in her business. And in that moment, she was given the gift of healing this for herself, for the generations that will come after her.

I was told once, that to one side of each of us there are seven generations of mothers and grandmothers and aunties. And on the other side there are seven generations of fathers and grandfathers and uncles. And all of them are saying, “Is she the one? Is she the one who will heal this for our family? Is she the one who will heal this for our future?”

My client said yes. We pulled the belief with all of its tendrils from her body, wrapped it in love, and dropped it into the transformative filters of Mama Earth.

The world became a little lighter, a little brighter.

This fall, I have space for 3 women to work privately with me to discover and release their own limiting family beliefs, so that they make more money in 2022 than they ever have before.

To apply, schedule a complimentary call with me today.

With all my heart,

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