Last week, we asked the members of my Facebook community (which you can join for free here), what they liked and didn’t like about their businesses.

Everyone loves serving their clients and many people hate marketing themselves.

As I turn inward, I have some understanding. I mean, the joy of work is the work. Marketing can often feel like just another task. Right now, I have a full page of “tasks” in front of me that includes:

               Write newsletters for this week

               Review copy for an upcoming group challenge

               Record solo podcasts for November and December

               And on and on…….

My eyes roll back in my head like an exasperated granddaughter when I tell her, “If you want to be in charge here you have to pay the mortgage.”

And the old voice of panic squeals, “DO IT. And do it all so well that you CONVINCE lots of people that they MUST hire you or their life and their business will all fall apart. Because if you don’t, you will fail, you will lose everything, you will end up living under a bridge!”

Well dang, if that happens to anyone else… no wonder marketing sucks!

Let’s pull this apart.

First of all, this thought makes the claim that clients are the source of your security and that you writing a perfect email is the source of your money.

Goddess, Source is your Source. Money comes from Source. And while clients are one channel through which money flows to it. It’s not the only one. And no client is the Source.

Knowing this has saved me many anxious hours. When your belly tightens with worry, stop. Take three deep breaths. Open yourself to the energy of the Divine flowing through you, allowing it to clear away any energy that does not serve you. Reconnect with your Highest Self, You Divine Feminine Goddess Creator Self. Know from this space, all things are possible.

Second, this thought asserts that marketing means convincing people and that feels slimy. Ick, Ick, Ick.

What if good marketing was was the first act of service you provided your prospects? Now, I’m aware that some of the old paradigm marketing techniques currently making their rounds on social media can produce lots of sales. (“I made $100k with two emails!” typetclaims).

You can feel the manipulation; under the smoke and mirrors are 15 years of good emails and a list of 200k, lots of launches and first, second and third fails.

And if the big names are selling that way, what chance does everyone else have?

The truth. This is not going to work very much longer. Because the world is changing, we are changing, and we are no longer going to put up with that bullsh*t. That means, we get to change what marketing is… no, we MUST change what marketing is.

(And the inside scoop is it’s not really working that well for the big names anymore either.)

So, the question is, how can we change marketing so that it acknowledges the Goddess in your prospects? So that they are given love and respect? So that we take away the smoke and mirrors so that the messy shows? (I’ve got plenty of messy!! LOL)

What if you thought about marketing more as a gift of your Soul- connection to those who are looking for you, waiting for you to help them? What if you poured love into that to-do list, opened to the Divine and allowed the wisdom of Source to pour through you. What if, instead of marketing, you simply spoke Source into the worldAs I look at that long list next to me, I feel a jolt of excitement. There is enough on that list to keep me in deep connection with Source all week!! Woo hoo!.

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