Now is the time to be dreaming in the coming year, the coming five years.

I was reminded today that what we create in spirit space must then be birthed into the physical.

Human babies take almost 10 months to be birthed. Elephant babies even longer.

And yet, we often expect to write one perfect email that fills our brand-new program in an afternoon.

Without any nurturing, any bumps in the road, or any challenges from our internal belief systems.

When the program doesn’t fill immediately, we give up, whine that email marketing just doesn’t work, and bury our head in the sand for a few months before giving it one more shot.

Now I’m not a push and grind until you force it to work kind of girl.

But I also know that building a successful, Divine Feminine fueled, 6-figure business takes commitment. One perfect email is just not going to do it.

I’ve birthed four-babies in my lifetime. I’ve seen my daughter, step-daughter, and daughters-in-law grow my precious grandchildren in their bellies. Each one took time.

When I was pregnant with my first, I spent a lot of time dreaming of who she would be, how I would be as her mother.

Once she was born, I failed over and over. I wasn’t as loving as I wanted to be when she got into trouble, I wasn’t as patient as she deserved.

But sometimes, I was perfect. When she snuggled into my arms at the end of the day, with her warm sweet milk breath, and fell asleep, I felt complete. 

I was committed to get up the next morning and do it again. All to failures, all of the successes, all the sweet moments between the feeding and cleaning and birthing her siblings and the WORK of it.

Goddess, being a mother taught me to be a business owner. It taught me that taking time to dream and plan is important. (The perfect birthday party doesn’t just happen.) And it taught me that the right time to take action will make itself known.

As I’m in the dream space of what I will birth in 2022, I’m also dreaming how that will lead me to the dreaming of 2023. I know I will have success and failure. I’ve been at this long enough to know some things that work really well and some that I can cross off my to-do list forever.  And I know that there will be surprises which I’m committed to manage as they come up.

I invite you to join me in sacred dream time, to birth the next level of your business in 2022.

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With all my heart,

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