Before the start of each year, I take time to slip into the dream world. I imagine myself stepping into a higher version of me. I see my business growing, creating more connection and awakening in the world.

I listen to the deep longings in my soul, the stirrings of my inner witches and the whispers of my Highest Self.

A theme, for what I really want, emerges from this dream space.

At the end of 2019, I named 2020- The year of the Pleasure Path to Profits.

Little did I know the trauma 2020 would trigger….You know, you felt it too.

And yet, when I reflect on the year, there was, and is, deep pleasure that rose and flowered as a result of the totality of 2020.

For example, I’m immensely proud and relieved that the in-person retreats I normally provide for my clients were accomplished on-line, with equal transformative power. There were some nail chewing days while I figured this out, but frankly, some of the stuff I created was better because I had to innovate!

Often, the shifts felt painful until I pushed deeper into the truth of what it meant and how I could grow. The trauma and pain of 2020 had me asking, “How” and receiving answers immediately: sometimes, a meditation I was to lead; sometimes, a new course I should take. Actions always deepened my connection to Source, my ability to create abundance, and my willingness to follow the deep pleasure of my soul.

I delegated more of the things that don’t bring me pleasure. I focused on those that do. I let go of the things that no longer serve me.

It feels good.

2020, with all its ups and downs, with all my bumps and bruises, still held sweet, sweet moments of pleasure, made more so in contrast to the other stuff.

And here’s the best part: I made more money ever! Way more.

I’ll be naming my year again in 2022, and I invite you to join me.

Maybe, for you, you want to try the pleasure path. Or maybe you want a year of celebration. Or maybe the year of birthing your book. Or… I could go on and on. I’ve helped hundreds of women set an intention for their year by Naming their Year.

Your name should be as unique as you are; so, I’m facilitating the 10-day Name Your Year challenge again this December, to guide you in discovering your soul’s longing for 2022 and putting together a powerful intention to guide you through the year.


During this intimate 10-day challenge, you will…

  • Learn how to connect and receive guidance directly from Source to manifest your desires in 2022 with ease…
  • Align your desires so 2022 brings more income, more love, more acknowledgment, more success…. Under your terms.
  • Discover how to release yourself from the burden of another “New Year Resolution” that drains your energy, so that you can focus instead on what brings you joy and success…
  • Craft a powerful anchor that pulls you back into relationship with your desires throughout the year, gifting you with the motivation and perseverance to manifest your dreams into reality.

Click here to join the Name Your Year 10-Day Challenge TODAY!

With all my heart,


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