I pulled Conventina from my Goddess card deck.

Conventina suggests a time of detoxification, clearing the body and mind of anything that no longer serves.

This feels particularly timely! A beautiful reminder that we can unplug and return to our Goddess state.

I’m ready to detox from the fear and hateful rhetoric that has become especially prevalent throughout the past two years.

I’m ready to cleanse my mind in preparation for my new year rituals.

WE are being called to prepare for a different kind of world in 2022 as the world has been split open and a new way of operating in business and in life is being birthed.

It’s time for the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine to dance across the world. For us to open ourselves to the Divine that exists within us. To reach across many veils to the truth: that we are the creators, and that we choose the reality we live in.

I choose wild abundance.

I choose empowered connection.

I choose intentional action.

I choose to be open to the wisdom Source pours through me into the world.

I choose to see the magic in everyday and to be an intentional participant in bringing more magic into my life and my client’s lives.

I’m curious what you choose?

This requires that we begin the New Year Ritual NOW, cleansing the vessel through which this wisdom pours.

Then, in December, I’ll walk through the practice of setting an intention to receive your highest and best year ever. I call this practice “Name Your Year”. But I should call it the practice to “Clearly define your “ask” of the Universe so that both you and Source are committed to making it happen”.

In this practice you’ll CHOOSE what you want 2022 to be … what magic you want to bring to your life.

You’ll claim it as yours.

You’ll commit to taking correct actions to bring it into physical reality.

You’ll let go of being bitter, lost, powerless, and you’ll acknowledge yourself as the Goddess creator you were born to be.

**You are invited to consider joining this practice here**

The first step in Manifesting is naming the thing you want; so, we start the year by naming the year you want. Over 10 days I’ll guide you to choose what is in your highest and best good.

Next, we will infuse it with Goddess collective energy. And I’m downloading a new ritual to bring even more richness and love light into your intentions. ~~ I’ll share more about that as the pieces drop in ~~

Finally, you’ll use your year name to guide you throughout 2022. This helps you stay on the path, make correct decisions and understand the opportunities that are truly yours to take.

Join us today for the Name Your Year Challenge.

With all my heart,


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