In today’s episode, I am speaking with Stella Orange, a copywriter for people who want their marketing to convey the depth, power, and singular spirit of their work. As a highly skilled writer, Stella’s email campaigns, webinar consulting, and websites have resulted in millions of dollars in sales for her clients — without using scarcity, shame, or fear to move people. Stella also works with businesses to unearth their marketing messages, original stories, and “stakes in the ground” – the ideas that they fight for in the world every day. She is the cofounder of Las Peregrinas, a creative and consulting agency, that offers slightly unorthodox marketing and business advising in a refreshingly collaborative, unhurried setting. If you have marketing that you need to write, Stella invites you to join her and the gang for Shut Up And Write, a free group that meets every Monday 3-4pm ET. Email to join!

Stella and I dish on:

  • Exploring the possibility of making things happen by actually doing those things
  • The way we experience the fear/excitement of taking a leap
  • Why we must be open to different perspectives on “marketing” and evolving our marketing
  • The beauty of using words that resonate with your clients in a way they understand it

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