We are nearing the end of our annual Name Your Year intention setting ritual in our community. This is always an amazing experience as women sink into the  experience their souls desire in the coming year, and create a rich container in which to manifest it.

As I walked through this  ritual with the community, I became ever more aware of how important it is that we learn to receive.

Not just at Christmas time, when we have commercially sanctioned gift giving. But all the time, in all ways.

We are conditioned, as women, to close our receiving channels.

We turn away offers of help to the battle cry of “I am woman! I can do it all! I don’t need your help.” As if assistance somehow makes us smaller.

We shyly deflect compliments, “It’s my hairdresser who deserves the credit… I got it on sale…. It’s just good genetics…”

When we manifest something we deeply desire, it triggers a default belief handed down by society, “That is just good luck, don’t expect it to happen again. Manifestation and magic are fairy tales made up for scared children. Grow up, put your shoulder to the grindstone, keep your head down, and be grateful for the little things.”


All of that leave us feeling bitter, small, powerless, and this 

closes our receiving channels even more.

Oy vey! ….

With channels closed, money has a hard time finding it’s way to you. Maybe you keep open the channel of grinding away 60 hour weeks. 

So, money slips in that way. But it’s not much fun. It’s hard on your body. Money is not very happy. You get resentful.  Money is not supporting you well. And Money then goes where it’s appreciated.

This is NOT a FUN loop to find yourself in.

For women, the pathway to more income is to widen our channels of receiving. ** The Feminine widens and deepens.**


Open your arms wide to complimentsSay yes when the bagger offers to take your groceries to your car. Delight in acts of service from your spouse. Dance in wild gratitude when money finds it’s way to you.

In this holiday season it’s easy to become consumed in finding just the right gifts to give. Yet the greatest gift might be in learning to receive.

With all my heart,


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