This week, between the celebrations and the fresh start and between the end of the old year and start of the new, breathe.

I read once that, it is in the between moments, when we stop to consider what was and what can be,  that real growth happens.

As we retire the calendar of this year and sketch out the plan for next…


It’s so important to take a moment. To reflect upon what we learned and how we’ve grown during the past year… to note what we are calling for in the coming year.

As I look back, there were hard moments. There were disappointments, doubts, and one crushing argument with a friend. There was a family reunion where I observed, first hand, my dad’s decline, knowing that talks must be had soon. There was pouting and temper tantrums, mostly the grandkids but also, sometimes me.

And there was grace, Source constantly reminding me that I am supported.

A week ago, we drove to my ailing mother-in-law’s house.  Resting hawks appeared constantly during the four-hour drive.  I counted 10 along the route, and there might have been more. Another positioned herself on a phone poll along our walking route this morning, soaring over us as we passed by, a reminder to see the wider view, to pick the path of joy.

I recently interviewed an Akashic Record teacher for my podcast (airing this spring). She shared with me a confirmation of my connection to Source, my ability to see what is unseen as I guide those in my tribe to healing and true abundance.

I’ve learned from each and every one of my clients on the journey to heal their own wounds as they claim their brilliance and build strong, sustainable, healing cash flow into their businesses.

In this pause between, I see how the up and down of life has served to make me stronger, kinder, less caring of what other’s think of me, more committed to speaking truth, and more trusting of the Divine.

I am so excited for what the next year will bring.

And so, it is.

With all my heart,


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