“Do you set goals for the year,” asked my trainer.

“Well,” I responded between squats, “I do, but I do it differently.”

Goals seem like such a masculine thing. Name a target then push, grind, drive until the goal is met. No tears, no sign of weakness allowed.

And if you don’t make the goal… it becomes a wonderful way to beat yourself up about your small, powerless shadow.


However, without some kind of container we tend to lose sight of the vision, failing around, missing deadlines, and never opening the channels that will bring us more money and more respect.

Working in the Feminine has led me to understand a different way of setting my goals for the year.

First, I start with intention. What do I want the year to be about? We set our intentions collectively in the Name Your Year ritual in December.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Next, I have a conversation with Money. We chat about what went well in the previous year and what I want to create in the coming year. I tell Money what I would like to bring in. We chat and agree on a number.

Then, I pull out a spreadsheet and start playing with how it can happen. The whole time I’m deciding what programs I’ll run for the year, when the promo periods will be, how many women I want to serve.

Money nods along… sometimes asking me to adjusts my numbers.

This spreadsheet becomes the soft goal for my year. I know (because I’ve been doing this a long time) that the goals will change throughout the year. New programs will ask to be born, new opportunities will pop up, different clients will come through the doors.

Then the manifestation process starts.

I begin by dialing in the codes to open channels for more.

I cast my net, pulling in the energy of creation, to form my desires into reality.

I plan my actions, in alignment with the energy of my Business.

I act to bring my vision into physical reality.

This is the feminine way… moving with grace and joy to craft business.

Want to know more?

PM me and I’ll send you details on how you can Up your Manifesting Mojo to open the flow of money in 2022.

With all my heart,


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