This February I’m opening the doors to a 4-week, small group experience for women who are sick of playing by rules designed by men, for the benefit of men, to lay the framework for their most profitable year ever in 2022.

… Without having to push and grind against your soul’s natural rhythms

… Without having to sacrifice sunny afternoons on the swings with your little people

… Without having to hide the feminine parts of you

  • Your silly playful side
  • Your sensuous alluring side
  • Your wild creative side
  • You deep emotional side

You get to honor all parts of you, and make more money than ever.

During our four weeks together, I’m going to share the three principles that will make the most difference in bringing in more income with more ease.

We will move quickly to open the flow of Money in the first quarter of the year, so that you continue to grow your income and your enjoyment throughout 2022.

We’ll start by fine tuning your Manifesting Mojo. You’ll learn how to powerfully manifest your deep desires, including the step that The Secret never revealed.

Then you’ll set an intention and practice using the steps to call in your desire, with the support and energetic amplification of the group to assist you.

BTW – This is the process I used to manifest my home on the Central Coast of California three years before I had thought I would be ready. It is amazing and magic. I can hardly wait to share it with you.

Next, you’ll discover how to choose marketing language that will act like a spell to call in the right clients. This is stuff I usually only share with my private clients in our Art of Feminine Business Sisterhood.

However, it is one of the pieces that makes a huge difference between feeling like a small voice shouting your messages into an endless void and creating authentic connection that establishes you as the ONE to help your people. So, I’ve decided to share it with you now.

Finally, you’ll learn several Money practices that keep the flow going, once you’ve opened the channels. These practices will allow you to expand your ability to receive ever increasing amounts of money on a continuous basis.

Note: This is different than any other Manifesting class out there. We move beyond theory, to the practical actions that actually work to make your desires manifest on the physical plane.

Imagine manifesting …

… New clients

… Profitable partnerships

… Unexpected windfalls

Whenever you want.

I’ll be walking hand in hand with you through the whole process, and you’ll have a sisterhood of fellow Goddesses cheering you on.

We are limiting the number of women who are accepted to ensure everyone receives my support during the four weeks.

I invite you to consider joining us.

To apply, simply reply to this email and say, “I’m ready to open the flow of money”.

With all my heart,


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