This February, over four weeks, I’m leading a small group of women entrepreneurs, teaching them the principles of manifesting so that they can build financially successful businesses that honor their Divine Feminine rhythm.

The old masculine paradigm of business prescribes that we push and grind, sacrificing our lives for the sake of a future payout.

And if we somehow fail to create the intended results with 12-hour workdays, we are shamed and told to work harder, give up more of our lives, be more disciplined.

Sister, that old way just doesn’t work for women, .

We are so much more than powerless work horses at the whims of a system designed to keep us small.

I can’t even tell you the number of women I’ve met who did the 14-hour, 6-days-a-week, no-life-outside-of-business routine, only to experience an illness that forced them to stop. Their bodies demanded a different way. (My soul, on the other hand, chose a car accident to make me stop that bullsh*t.)

The first step is to understand how to create from your connection to Source. That defines manifestation.

It’s not some pie-in-the-sky, woo-woo, think-good-thoughts voodoo.

It is a concrete practice, with a series of steps, that when followed, produces results.

… without the push and grind

… without giving up time in the middle of a sunny afternoon on the swings with the little people in your life

… without hours sitting in front of your computer until your back cries with spasms of pain.

You are invited to join us in Upping your Manifesting Mojo to Open the Flow of Money in 2022

You will walk away knowing how to:

 ~ Understand the energetic nature of money and how to work with that energy to grow your bank account;

~ Connect with the Divine Energy of Money and pull it through the veil as dollars in the physical plane;

~ Uncover and plug your money holes so you can  keep more of it for yourself and your family;

~ Use your body as a compass to discover multiple channels for receiving more money;

~ Use the pleasure principle to create more ease while increasing your income from multiple channels; and

~ Discover and transform your hidden money shadows so they stop dropping land mines in your way and become loved and respected allies.

I’ll hand you my tried-and-true recipe for manifesting your deepest heart desires

…. And we’ll implement it, right then and there, together.

I’m keeping the group small, so I can clear your ancestral and past life money blocks as you open your channels to receive more.

There is a short application process to make sure this will work for you.

To apply, respond to this email and say, “I’m ready for more money in 2022”. I’ll get the next step sent right out.

With all my heart,


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