I remember the first big, conscious manifestation.

My oldest daughter announced she and her boyfriend were going to Disneyland and invited me to join them.

I desperately wanted to go… I needed a break from the reality of my life and I LOVE Disneyland. I love the theatre, the fantasy, the memories. My grandparents lived 15 minutes from the park and it was a happy place from my childhood. I seriously needed some happy!

But it was a very hard year out from my divorce.

I was broke, having walked away with nothing (but that is another story from another time when I was convinced I was powerless….).

The boys were in their own crisis and turned their noses up at the thought of a trip to the “Happiest place on earth”. However, the youngest wanted to go.

Rather than say, “I can’t” I asked myself the magic question, “How can I?”

I turned all the energy and emotion of the previous year toward manifesting this trip.

And somehow, my income for that month grew exponentially. My grandparents said we could sleep at their place and airline tickets to Southern California went on sale.

Somehow, it all came together.

What would it be like if you could manifest a trip that you seriously desire?

… not because you pushed your body to the state of exhaustion, ignored your family for months, and ate a granola bar at your desk for lunch everyday to create the income….

… but because you learned the principles of manifesting, the magic of reaching into Source energy and creating what you want, then bringing it into physical reality through aligned action??

What if manifesting principles were the antidote to the “work hard until you die” mandate that society has handed us?

What if Source wants you to live a juicy, loving, respected life where you get to play, lay on the grass when it’s sunny, and go the beach when your business wants ocean energy?

How good can it get?

What else is possible?

I invite you to join me this February for a four-week journey to Up Your Manifesting Mojo and Open the Flow of Money.

There is a short application process to make sure this will work for you.

To apply, respond to this email and say, “I’m ready for more money in 2022”. I’ll get the next step sent right out.

With all my heart,


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