Remember her?

Made from the rib of a man

Seduced by a snake to disobey God and taste the apple of Knowledge.


Who sought

To grow

To experience

To walk this human life with a full understanding of all its juicy goodness.


Painted the villain of the story

The transgressor of the first sin

The cause of all the world’s pain.


Whose sons fought, one brother killing the other

Embedding a wound that no mother should have to endure.

The story of Eve is wound into our DNA, played out in our childhood story books.

Good women are powerless princesses, waiting for the prince to rescue her.

The bold, the powerful, the magic women are always the victims of the story.

The evil stepmother, the sea witch, the dark fairy.

We are fed these stories over and over.

Do not be powerful, do not be curious, do not reach your hand to the juicy life.

Wait for the prince, the priest, the ruler to grant you small tokens. Be satisfied.

Is it any wonder we hide our magic? Our power? Our ability to create whatever the fuck we want?

Is it any wonder that we forget we are the Creatrix?

Let’s take the fairy tales and the Eve story and all the other messages designed to keep us small and lost, wrap them in a bow, and send them back into the realms of Source to be remade.

Let Cinderella lose the glass slipper, build a successful shoe business and raise a whole basketball team of smart, powerful, respected,  non-princess, world-changing daughters! With a man who supports her ambition and makes a mouth-watering lasagna.

Let’s rewrite the story of YOU, as the creator, one with Source, manifesting the life you dream of.

In February, I’m leading a group of women, who are frustrated with pushing and grinding to make progress, and teaching them to up their Manifesting Mojo and open the flow of Money,

We are going to unhook all these messages that keep you small and powerless.

Note: Eve and the Disney Princesses is only one of the stories that is embedded to keep us from expressing our full power. You are going to discover and unhook from your personal stories as well…

Then you’ll rewire your brain with the keys to manifesting what you want when you want…

Together, with a community of like-minded sisters, and me guiding you each step of the way.

Ready to join us?

Reply with the subject “I’m ready to open the flow of money” and I’ll get you all the info.

With all my heart,



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