I’ve been feeling all the feels.

I was dizzy yesterday, for no reason at all. I explained to a friend that this sometimes happens when my internal operating system is upgrading.

And today the world feels…. altered… the air is pregnant with something new and different. And yet familiar at the same time.

We are being called to come home to ourselves,

ourselves to our soul-aligned power to create.

A couple of people lately have said to me, “Perhaps I just really want to live a small life. To give up the fantasies of growing my business, upping my income, becoming an acknowledged leader. It feels scary and unmanageable.”

If this is you, I’ve been there.

In the place between spaces where the small life feels so safe and comfortable. Where the bigger life feels too much. Yet the longing remains. 

The messages from the world add to the confusion.

“Be grateful with what you have. Be satisfied.”

“Success is defined in dollars. You must reach 7-figures or you are a failure.”

“To really be happy, drink Budweiser on the tailgate of your Dodge Ram truck.”

It’s enough to send you into a tail spin. Should you stay small? Reach for more? Learn to like Budweiser beer?

The truth is that your soul desires expansion. You came to experience the fullness of a human life. You came to fulfill your purpose for the elevation of humanity.

Your dreams are meant just for you, planted in your imagination as a guide to your highest and best human journey. If you are dreaming of expansion, then you are meant to expand.

I refuse to believe in a world where Source plants a dream in you, then sits back and laughs cruelly while preventing you from having it.

Source wants you to live a juicy, fulfilling, purposeful life.

Any contraction you feel is a sign that there is an energy block preventing you from expressing your fullest self. It might be a protection from a childhood wound, a vow or contract from a previous life, a belief handed down from previous generations.

In the four-week course, Manifesting Mojo (to open the flow of income in 2022), you’ll discover tools to clear the energy blocks and gain clarity around what your soul desires.

From that place of knowing… you calm your fears and manifest your fantasy into physical reality.

Want to join us?

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Wishing you all that your soul desires,


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