I’ll be honest with you. I’m seeing a lot of manifesting courses out there lately.

It makes me wonder, what is going on?

Maybe it’s just a case of noticing. Like when you buy a new green SUV then notice what seems to be every other car on the road is a green SUV.

I’ve even had several people approach me about enrolling in their manifesting course, despite the fact that I’ve been teaching this for a few years.  

It could be what Elizabeth Gilbert talks about in “Big Magic”;  that ideas are floating around the world, asking to be born, and more than one person may say yes to it. And more than one manifesting course is launched.

But I think it’s more than that.

When the world falls apart…

When all the rules of life are suddenly in question…

A window opens to a different way of seeing.

I first felt it when my starter husband had his first affair (or the first I found out about).

The earth tilted 45 degrees.

The horizon looked foggy, and behind the fog was a different reality, a different path.

And I got to choose which reality I would walk.

Would I stay and ignore it, fight for counseling and a chance at a healthy relationship, or leave?

I chose the best I knew how in that time, but I wonder what would have happened had I chosen differently.

When the pandemic hit, everything shifted, on a world-wide scale.

Many people saw a reality wherein we can create results in a different way.

Not the push, and grind, and crushing it of typical business.

But though a deep connection with Source, opening ourselves as a channel for the highest and best good of humanity.

 And since Source wants us to have a wildly juicy, abundant life, the more we deepen our connection, the wider we are able to call in all manor of abundance.

As this way of doing business was revealed, more people hungered for a deeper understanding.

Here’s the thing:

Manifesting is not a formula to be “figured out” by your head.

It is a process of tuning your body to the frequency of the things your Soul desires be brought into physical reality. Keeping that frequency even when battered by outside forces. Crafting the thing with your thoughts, your emotions, your actions.

That is what is different when I teach the energetic practices of bringing more money, more clients, more respect, more love… whatever your soul desires more of.

We start with who you BE. We clear away the vows of powerlessness, the blocks that keep you small, and the shields that dampen your frequency. We tap in Source, turning the dial to the pure, crystal sound of you as Creatrix, the place where the next right actions are clear, inspired, and effective.

Aren’t you ready to stop the sad battle to make a business that looks good and step into creating something that feels amazing?

Then I invite you to apply for a spot to up your Manifesting Mojo this Feb.

Simply hit reply and say I want to claim my Creatrix self. I’ll get all the info out to you.

With all my heart,


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