Last call….

Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking the Manifesting Mojo course.

You’ve imagined what it would be like to manifest an extra $3000 to take a vacation on the beach and forget about what a b*%ch the last two years have been.

You’ve envisioned what it would be like to manifest a tribe of connected, loving women paying you thousands of dollars to lead a retreat in Kauai or Bali…. Or even New Orleans, an unlikely spot but filled with so much magic that its one of my favorite places.

You’ve visualized breaking your current income ceiling while opening more time to walk in nature, write your NY times best-selling book or start a top ten podcast.

Then your head jumped in to outline the pros and cons.

Your inner saboteurs rattled off all the reason it couldn’t work for you, shouldn’t work for you. What if you just can’t manifest. If Source doesn’t love you. If you are meant to live a small, powerless, bitter life? What if that is what you discover?

Your protectors threw up the shields sure that being bold, shinning your light more brightly, calling in abundance will also open you to all kinds of unknowable danger. There are, they insist, monsters hiding in the yet to be revealed future.

All of this is normal.

I’m not going to tell you to just do it. Because that is dishonoring, old paradigm marketing.

Nor am I going to judge the process and everything going through your head.

I will ask to stop and take a few deep breaths.

Connect your energy to Mama Earth.

Notice the air on your skin, the ground beneath your feet.

Tune into your body. Let your body feel the truth. Is this the right path for you? Am I the right teacher?

Trust that your body knows a whole lot more than your head. Your head is designed to gather and store data. Your body is designed to make decisions. Let it do its job.

And if your body says yes, reach out to me today. Hit reply and let me know that your body is a yes. We’ll get you all set up to Up your Manifesting and open the flow of more money, beginning this Feb.

With all my heart


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