A quick reminder that the first two episodes of the special podcast series, Up-level Your Marketing, Why Photos Matter with Lindsay A. Miller, are  available here.

As an example of what Lindsay and I talk about, here are a few photos she has taken, and descriptive text  to illustrate how they can be used in marketing:

Sometimes the whole world opens. You can feel Source moving through you, connecting you to your innate power as a creatrix, directing your next right action on the best path for your purpose…..

In the Art of Feminine Business Sistermind, you’ll learn the practice to open your flow on a consistent, ongoing basis, filling your practice with soul-mate clients and filling your bank account with money…

Then I would add some content about the Sistermind, some specific problems that being in the Sistermind will solve, and an invitation to join:

Love, sometimes even the most positive, magical beings feel like the world has betrayed them. We get stuck in the feelings of being left out, living in a world that was not made for us small helpless creatures.

Looking at social media it seems like everyone else is successful, rich, respected, and beautiful, while you are …. Not that!

After this I would go on to expose the smoke and mirrors of the Instagram famous. I would give some solutions to help the reader connect with the truth of their divine power. And an invitation to join me in creating the success they crave, their way, on their terms.

Can you see how the photo draws your eye, so that I can then weave magic words into the copy?

There is so much more that we share on the podcast, so be sure to listen, then join us on February 10, at 12 pm Pacific in the Feminine Business Magic group when Lindsay and I go live to answer all your photo questions.

Much love,


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