In today’s episode, part 3 of 3, I am speaking with Lindsay A Miller. Over the years Lindsay has honed her skills of visual storytelling. At the age of 19, she hit the streets, shooting daily for newspapers, followed with a degree in photojournalism. 8 years later, she had covered everything from presidencies to fashion to natural disasters, before launching Wildly Visible.   Today, she travels the world working with fearless, committed entrepreneurs and speakers transforming their brands by drawing out their essence and bringing it to life through images. This is what she calls your “visual brand.”

Lindsay knows the exact elements to craft a compelling visual story that creates impact. She doesn’t  just take photos of you. She draws out your “visual story” – creating an emotional connection through your photos to your potential clients, so they resonate with you instantly and are drawn to work with you.

Lindsay and I dish on:

– Reasons why women hide, sometimes without even realizing it.

– How past life baggage shows up for women when they decide to be visible

– Taking baby steps on your journey of coming out of the hiding

– Healing your visibility wound for good

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