The last few weeks have been….well, they have been.

A few, very close family members have gotten, recovered from, and partially recovered from Covid.

My sweet little MIL passed away (not covid).

My husband and I cried.

And the sun has shifted. I feel the quickening of the earth preparing for spring. (Heck, it was 80 degrees here one day.)

As hard as all that was, I’m noticing things in a way I haven’t before.

An old barn hidden behind trees on a road I’ve driven thousands of times.

A pine tree with big fat cones on the path I walk every day.

“Were those always there?” I ask myself.

When I check with the Record Keepers they laugh. “All things are here,” they say. “You have shifted. You are seeing from a different angle.”

This shift has allowed me to see business differently as well. A new angle, previously hidden from the world is revealed. The unseen helpers, the guides and guardians, the ancestor, angels and fairies are laughing in delight.

We have entered a new era where we can give up the illusion that it has to be hard. That business needs will power to push and grind your way to success. .

Goddess, I’m excited for you, for me, for us.

I’m excited to get more money into the hands of more women who are doing the work they were incarnated on the planet to do.

I’m excited to open the doors to a brand-new Sistermind of Business Goddess, waking hand-in-hand as we explore this new way of doing business.

I’m excited to add more ritual, manifesting, and moon magic to the business building strategies I teach.

In the Sistermind, we’ll start each month with an intention setting New Moon ritual embracing the magic of our Divine Feminine.

We’ll explore what your business wants for the coming month. New clients? New partners? Clarity on new projects or programs?

Then we dive into the Masculine to create aligned actions for the month…stepping stones to our deepest desires.

Action is always necessary. It moves energy on the physical plane so that your desire can manifest. However, when action is not aligned with your Soul Connection to Source, it creates a whirlpool of missed opportunity and lost income.

Aligned action allows money to flow to you with ease.

We will have brainstorming/hotseat coaching/ business education calls to tap into the wisdom of the group and add an extra jolt of power to your marketing/ calling- in strategies.

And, you get me! Clearing hidden blocks, guiding you to release past life vows and contracts that no longer serve your highest good, and sharing over 20 years of business-building knowledge and wisdom from new perspectives…

… so you make more money

… with more ease

…  than ever before.

Want to join us?

I’m currently doing interviews for membership.

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With all my heart,


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