I’m super excited about this episode. Whenever I get a message from someone who makes my Soul tingle, I jump on the chance to interview them. And that is just how I felt about today’s guest.

In today’s episode, I am speaking with Serena Curran. Serena is an MBA, Wealth by Soul Design, a Spiritual Business Mentor, Healer, Teacher, and Akashic Record Detective. 

She helps Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Changemakers, Wayshowers, Healers, and Therapists to give voice to their soul through their business, to use spiritual tools to create real-world results and to open to receive wealth.

Serena lived the “laptop” lifestyle before there were laptops, traveling throughout Europe and the US, living intuitively, and creating businesses and a new life wherever she landed.

Serena and I dish on:

  • What are Akashic records and what info do they carry
  • Manifesting archetypes and how they serve us
  • Hidden saboteurs that affect your ability to manifest and grow your business
  • Reasons why manifestation works differently for different people

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Resources mentioned:

Purchase Love-Based Feminine Marketing 

Schedule your complimentary Wealth Aligned Strategy Session with Serena today Bit.ly/wealthysoul

Serena’s Free Gift:  “5 Simple Steps to Enchanted Manifesting” https://www.serenacurran.com/enchanted/ 

Link to Serena’s Soul Wealth Map Call https://serenacurran1.as.me/wealthmap




**Contact Serena Curran via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SerenaCurran333) or https://www.serenacurran.com/**
**Connect with Julie Foucht via Facebook or www.juliefoucht.com**



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