Have you felt it?

A great shift has happened, opening space for a new way of walking the world, a new way of being in business, a new way of opening the flow of money.

You have been quietly sharing your gifts, for years, to serve the people who have felt the difference that you make. And now, there are so many more seeking the healing you provide.

You are a wisdom keeper, grandmother, a soul who has walked the planet many times, here now in this incarnation to make a BIG difference.

You have been waiting for your opening to step forward, to be seen and respected.

Now is that time.

I’ve been saying this for a while.

Now is the time for the wisdom keepers to become VISIBLE.

Now is the time to get more money in the hands of more women.

Now is the time, finally, to design your business success your way…

… with marketing that is crafted in partnership with the energy of your business, aligned with your soul purpose, for the highest and best good of all.

You have seen how the world of business worked before, filled with fear-based marketing, manipulation, smoke and mirrors. You’ve felt the desperation and darkness of that and said “No way.”

I remember the first marketing course I took after starting my coaching practice (many, many years ago). I was told to find the pain point and press it… HARD… until the prospect felt they had no choice but to hire me.  

Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Which led to no marketing for years… because I decided, when I left my first marriage, that I was not going to live in fear again.

So, I know how you feel.

Like me, you hid when they tried to teach us fear-marketing. We hid when they tried to teach us a funnel. We hid when they tried to push us into a formula that felt like a race car, when what we wanted was to luxuriate in our knowing and our sharing.

The Soul-message is to be at peace with the world, not tear it up in our ego driven need to conquer.

Breaking through the 6-figure ceiling in my business required that I follow a different path, slipping through the cracks that were already opening back then. Allowing my full Divine, Woo-Woo Feminine to lead.

Designing my own way.

Getting caught, over and over, in the formulas that were supposed to be the answer.

What I learned, is the answer comes from listening to my Soul-whispers, aligning with Source, and taking action that makes my body tingle.

The answer comes from connecting with nature every day, joyfully spending time with my grandkids (even when they are a pain in the butt), and gathering fellow Goddess/Witch/ Priestesses in ritual to support them in creating businesses their way, that provides a lot of money and a lot of support so they get the full human experience.

So they get to explore the world, share their gifts widely, dance with the ones they love, be free…

While my way may not be your way, I’ve been at this long enough to know how to suss out what is your way and help you implement your unique strategies to bring your business vision to life.

This spring, I’m gathering a new Sisterhood of Business Goddesses, to walk together through this new world of business, using ritual, magic and the best business practices to exponentially increase their income in 2022.

I invite you to consider what is possible with this kind of support. Hit reply and say, “I’m ready to up my income – MY WAY” and I’ll get you the next steps.

With all my heart


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