Writing a book is a BIG deal.

I remember when I wrote my book, I would write on airplanes because I had nowhere to escape to and no chance of avoidance.

Words poured out with very little effort when I wrote. I loved being in the process. Yet,each time I sat to write, I would struggle. 30,000 words seemed so daunting.

And then we went through 12… TWELVE!!!… edits.

The end result is something I’m extremely proud of.

Which is why, when one of my business friends writes a book, I do all I can to support them.

Especially when that friend is as brilliant as Priscilla Stephan, who has written a powerful new book—and as part of her launch party, it’s yours for the next 3 days for just 99 cents (Feb 25-27)!

If you don’t know Priscilla, she’s an intuitive business coach and creator of  Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes. In her new book, the Soulfluent® Leadership Business Guide, you’ll discover your own archetype and get a mix of practical business strategy and deep soul inspiration to use to engage with it. And it’s jam-packed with customized, step-by-step guidance in these areas:

branding, business model, manifesting,
marketing, money and visibility mindset, and team-building

Our world needs us to step up as the visionary, soul-guided leaders we are. And leadership isn’t about big accomplishments, awards or having the right education or resume. It’s not about having the most likes or followers.

It is about adding value to others’ lives with intention, discernment, and soul. This book shows you exactly how to do that—and stay aligned with who you are.

If you think you’ve tried everything, think again. Discovering your true soul leadership magic with Priscilla’s guidance is going to unlock so much potency and possibility for you.

I can’t wait to dive into my copy of the Soulfluent® Leader Business Guide.

Here’s how to download your .99 copy AND join Priscilla’s launch party + bonuses:

#1: Download your eBook today from Amazon + grab your receipt number: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09SVLRMG1/ 

#2: Go to Priscilla’s website and type your receipt number to get instant access to your bonuses + to join Priscilla’s Fb launch party on 2/25 with extra giveaways: www.priscillastephan.com/book

The 0.99 Kindle is only available today thru 2/27 so get yours now.

With all my heart,


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