The doors are open to the Sistermind of Business Goddesses, a different way to build your financially successful, soul-fueled business.

I invite you to consider joining us.

This business building program is different from others, as we combine the action-oriented Masculine with the collaborative, creative Feminine to craft strategies that are uniquely yours, highlighting your deep, respected wisdom and attracting your exactly right soul-clients.

The traditional model for business is on it’s way out. Pushing, grinding, hiding behind the smoke and mirrors of empty promises that make money for the big-name gurus and leave everyone else feeling disappointed and betrayed are done!

The world has cracked open, so we can more clearly see the path to connected, valued, love-based success…

… on your terms.

After all, you didn’t start your business so that you could work 15 hours days, ignoring sunshine breaking through clouds and birdsongs inviting you to come outside and BE.

Deep in your soul you feel the undeniable longing to do work that really matters, the magic in you is alive, begging to be let out in the world. And you want to control when you go on vacation, how many hours you work and how much money you make.

Then business gurus come along with formula after formula that make it seem like you have to stuff yourself in a box that is too small for your soul.

I know, because I have done all the things that they said I should.

And guess what? I was able to grow my business to almost 6-figures.

But my soul was exhausted. I was spending so much energy hiding a huge part of who I am in order to fit the model of ‘Business Coach’.

And then, I stopped hiding.

I broke the 6-figure ceiling and did it with  ease. I have more time to play with the little people in my life. I found myself taking multiple vacations a year. I manifested my dream home.

I used all the principles we will be exploring in the Sisterhood.

Now, you will learn business strategy. But you’ll take those strategies and connect with Source energy to tweak them so they become uniquely yours, designed to serve your desires and attract your right clients better than any guru-formula could.

You’ll learn the principles of manifesting, and every month you’ll practice attracting new clients, increased income, and amazing collaborations. We’ll use the energy of the moon and the combined power of the Sistermind to magnify your manifestations.

I’ll share with you the practices to connect with your Highest Self, your unseen helpers and your Record Keepers so you’ll always have the answers you need to design a business you love and the income to abundantly support you. We’ll answer the question, “What is my next right step?”

We’ll do a deep dive into all things marketing… so you stop hating marketing and learn to love sharing your magic with the world, heal your visibility wounds (from both this and past lives) and shine a light so bright that the beacon calls to your right clients, no matter where they are in the world, moving them to say YES to your offers.

And you’ll discover how to activate your Divine Masculine to take aligned action, getting off the sad little hamster wheel of just doing and getting nowhere, lighting up your Feminine power centers to create real, lasting results.

I’m keeping the group small so you get the attention and support you need to double or triple your income.

Your soul is calling. Is it time to answer?

Hit reply and let me know you are ready to take your business to the next level of success in 2022. I’ll get the next step right out to you.

With all my heart,


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