It was a trek to get there.

A steep path, then a scramble over rocks and boulders.

The night before I wasn’t even sure that I would make it. My back was hurting, my arm aching.

And my little gremlin voice that thinks it would be much easier to stay small and safe was grumbling.

But I know that voice well.

As much as I’ve worked through my visibility issues over the years, she still comes up… every… single… time.

She reminds me of the trauma of being visible that the witches in my previous lives encountered. Whipped, stoned, thrown in a river. Separated from children and loved ones, hunted and despised.

“It was much safer,” that voice reminds me, “to be sent to the convent where magic could be interpreted as miracles, where power was hidden in solitude.”

“It was much safer,” she reminds me, “in this life, to turn attention away rather than face the family scorn of being too emotional, too soft.”

I let her whisper her worry and fear with the hopeless wilting of her energy.

My heart softens, for this part of me has gone through so much. I gently remind her that I will be with women I trust. My friend and sometimes-partner in transformation, Lindsay A. Miller, is leading this adventure photoshoot.

I know one of the other women who will be there and ADORE her. The fourth in our party is someone I admire, we’ve been Facebook friends for years. I’m excited to get to know her.

I assure my little visibility doubter that the photos will be magic. That the act of being photographed will heal another layer of fear and shame. That this work is holy.

Each time I do this work, I reclaim a hidden part of myself. My light becomes brighter. I am able to bring more healing to my clients, more light to their work.

The experience reminds me of why I bring Lindsay into my coaching programs.

Working together we create such a strong container that the women in the program can drop their masks and allow the fullness of who they are to shine. They drop the beliefs handed down to them from ancestors, past lives, family and society that keep them lost and alone.

They step into their full Divine Feminine Goddess power, radiating their magic into the world. And we capture that energy in photos, that become a magic spell for attracting clients and money.

And this is just one of the experiences of the Gathering of Business Goddesses Sisterhood.

With all my heart,

The Sisterhood covers three pillars of business:

  • Who you Be to energetically attract soul-clients, money and respect;
  • The ways you create aligned strategies and actions to pull your desires into the physical plane; and
  • Healing your relationship with money, so it flows in ever expanding amounts into your business and life… every single month.

I invite you to kiss your little gremlin voice and send her out to play in fields of yellow flowers. Then click here to schedule a complimentary call with me to explore what healing your visibility wounds can do for your business.

With all my heart,


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