There is a moment when the shift happens.

When the woman in front of me decides she has had enough.

Enough of hiding, feeling small and powerless. Enough of shoving her power behind the bitter mask of fitting in. Enough of fear at being discovered, fear of being singled out, fear of being left behind, fear of doing it wrong.

“Fuck it,” she says (and sometimes, Fuck you!).

“I am not doing this anymore. I am not carrying the weight of other people’s thoughts and expectations. I am claiming me!”

It’s a fierce moment. The embodiment of the Divine Feminine in her terrible and wonderful full glory. The destroyer of worlds and creator of galaxies.

Sometimes we capture this in film, and the photos become marketing for the women. And we shoot them in their full Goddess glory as well.  Because a magnetic marketing story is told with both.

Sometimes it’s in a group setting, and the love and respect of the group holds the healing, enabling her to go deeper, peeling away the layers of false-beliefs until she rises, shifts her body, becomes the embodiment of the Divine. She suddenly sees the way forward, the next right steps to her dream business and the women in the group scramble to take notes for her, to capture the inspiration that flows forth.

Sometimes it’s in a coaching session, as we enter the Akashic Records to erase the past life vows and ancestral rules that kept her from answering the cries of her soul-tribe. And she will report later that this freed her to take actions she had been putting off, to call in new clients, and to allow money to show up in unexpected, delightful ways.

I love the “fuck you” moment. I’m honored each time I get to witness …

…each time one more woman claims her freedom

…claims her ability to create success on her terms

… claims her wise woman status in the world.

In the Gathering of Business Goddesses Sistermind, you will reclaim your Divine Essence as the creatrix of your life…

You will release the hidden beliefs that keep you from fully stepping into your abundant future where you are loved and respect by your tribe, and paid well for your wisdom.

You will learn to choose and tweak marketing and business strategies that are aligned with your soul and your purpose, so that you take actions that move you forward out of the hamster wheel of perfectionism.

And you will heal your relationship with money, becoming a master at manifesting to open the flow of every increasing money.

Somewhere along the way, you’ll have your own “Fuck you” moment, when the light of Source breaks through and you know, with all that you are, that can have what your soul desires. … and then I’ll hold you to that while we go get it!

Want to join us?

Hit reply and say, “I’m ready to claim my success”. I’ll get next steps out right away.

Much love,

With all my heart,


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