You know what it feels like when you’ve been playing small and your soul simply won’t let you do that anymore?

It gets so uncomfortable, with things falling apart and not working the way they used to, that you finally HAVE to do something.

So, you take a deep breath, cross your fingers, call your mentor for support, enlist your personal coven of business sisters, and take the next right step.

And the relief is heart-filling, soul-dancing GOOD.

You finally MADE IT!

And yet…

Here’s a secret the I’m-a-big-deal gurus won’t tell you.

That feeling will come again….

… and again…

… with each new level of growth, success and income.

That  little you pops her head up and says, “Maybe this IS good enough.”

And maybe it is. If so, your Soul will sigh. You’ll go on as you are.

Yet, more often than not, your Highest Self will gently remind you that you are here for a purpose. That purpose requires you to stretch once again, letting go of the comfort and safety of where you are, to become who you are meant to be.

If you don’t listen, the reminders get stronger and louder. (Ask me how I know… I’ll tell you about the time I fell off the sidewalk, or was rear-ended at a stop light, or slid across the wet tile and tore my arm muscles).

Finally, you listen, you let go in order to receive the next level of YOU, the next level of your business success, and the opening of more money flow .

Staying in the energy of evolution, in a sisterhood supporting the highest and best of each woman, in a vibration of connection and abundance, makes this much, much, much easier.

It makes the recognition that evolution is calling much faster.

It creates a safe place for your fears to fall from your body, and you are free to take action.

That is why I create communities of women, committed to an abundant world where each woman is celebrated and acknowledged for her gifts.

I’m gathering the women for a new Sisterhood of Goddesses, to support each other as we grow our influence and income in a way that honors the Divine in each of us.

Want to join us?

Comment “I’m ready for my next evolution”, I’ll get the next step out ASAP.

With all my heart,


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