I facilitated the last live retreat for women in my Sistermind program in the fall of 2020

We gathered first via zoom to enter into ritual space.

The women bravely went into their shadow selves, excavating and healing deep wounds. This gave them deeper access to their Divine Feminine Essence, the Creatrix within who holds the power to bring their desires into full physical reality.

We then put on our masks and gathered outdoors. It was still early in the pandemic so we took every precaution.

And one by one, the women took center stage for an epic, transformational photo shoot.

I love these shoots. At first, the women are deep in their childhood wounds, believing the stories of powerlessness and helplessness that their inner saboteurs whisper. Lindsay, my amazing photographer, shoots, coaxing them to feel all the feels, to release them from their bodies, clearing the path for the truth to show.

(Alice, releasing her fear)

And the truth?   These women are created of Source energy, powerful beyond measure, loved and respected for their magic.

Which leads to the second day, when the women step fully into that magic. They feel, sometimes for the first time, the fullness of who they are born to be. Their connection to Source is clear and open. They know without a doubt that they CAN do whatever their soul most deeply desires, and they will be abundantly supported doing it.

(Alice, in the fullness of her magic)

New neural pathways begin to grow. New beliefs replace the old ones. The pathways for success are cleared of blockages.  When we next meet, we are able to brainstorm strategies that are unique, soul-aligned, and effective to increase their income, their influence and they joy.

And we are doing it again!

This spring I’m opening the doors to a new Sistermind of Business Goddesses, and bringing back the retreats.

I invite you to consider what is possible for you if you join us….

… Increased cash flow;

…. More ease;

…. Aligned, joyful strategies;

…. A sisterhood of women supporting you in growing your soul-fueled business; and

… transformational experience to break your blocks so your pathway is clear.

Comment and say, “I’m ready for more money” and I’ll get next steps to you ASAP

With all my heart,


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