Last week was heavy energy.

I had an MRI on my arm to discover how badly I had injured it when I slipped on wet tile and tried to grab a counter to stop my fall. (Still waiting on results). I thought I was dealing… but I’m preoccupied… and still in pain.

And, I’m looking at this as a chance to go deeper. What is the message here for me? What is the change that is wanting to happen?

The world is changing, and we are being called to change with it.

However, change can be uncomfortable. (Like my arm!)

I’ve experienced significant change a number of times in my life.

I left my first marriage, broken and afraid.  I learned to pull myself up, to heal, to be a grown a$$ single Mom.

I was called by spirit back to California and my grown and nearly grown children choose to stay in Washington.  I cried every day.

With beating heart, I pulled my emergency credit card out of it’s hiding place and hired my first business coach as the economy was crashing, my current husband’s business with it. I knew that if nothing changed, we were going to go down in some unimageable ruin.

Yep, change is hard.

Now, threads of the fabric of our lives are being pulled into a new world, a new way of being as old institutions and paradigms are irrationally fighting for an imagined status-quo, for things to stay the way they always were.

It’s fascinating to see some of our leaders clinging to old ways of doing business, formulas that worked so well before, and strategies that once brought huge paydays.

Truthfully, those strategies and formulas haven’t worked so well for a while now. Cracks were starting to show well before this pandemic forced us to change.

The new way that we are all being called to practice requires a steadfast adherence to our soul’s truth. To learn to read the messages Source is sending. To dance daily with the energy of our Businesses to create a more sustainable system.

The old formulas still have the seeds of good strategy in them. They need discernment to know which pieces will work for you, the skill to tweak and transform them to match your unique magic, and the embodiment of your Highest Self in order to make them work.

This is the new paradigm of business. And those able to let go of the old ways, embrace this new uncharted territory and the ones who will be most abundantly blessed  – with money and joy!

Now you don’t have to go this alone. One of the keys to the new paradigm is that we are being asked to be more connected, to build collaboratively, to validate and uplift each other in a communities of Divine Feminine support.

I invite you to consider joining The Sistermind of Business Goddess. We start in a few short weeks. 

You’ll learn the principles of manifesting, and every month you’ll practice attracting new clients, increased income, and amazing collaborations. We’ll use the energy of the moon and the combined power of the Sistermind to magnify your manifestations.

I’ll share with you the practices to connect with your Highest Self, your unseen helpers and your Record Keepers so you’ll always have the answers you need to design a business you love and the income to abundantly support you. We’ll answer the question, “What is my next right step?”

We’ll do a deep dive into all things marketing… so you stop hating marketing and learn to love sharing your magic with the world, heal your visibility wounds (from both this and past lives) and shine a light so bright that the beacon calls to your right clients, no matter where they are in the world, moving them to say YES to your offers.

And you’ll discover how to activate your Divine Masculine to take aligned action, getting off the sad little hamster wheel of just doing and getting nowhere, lighting up your Feminine power centers to create real, lasting results.

I’m keeping the group small so you get the attention and support you need to double or triple your income.

Your soul is calling. Is it time to answer?

Hit reply and let me know you are ready to take your business to the next level of success in 2022. I’ll get the next step right out to you.

With all my heart,


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