Well, this happened:

Honestly, I’m kind of pissed about it.

I have plans that don’t include a limited range of motion and lots of time on the sofa with ice wrapped around my right shoulder.

In January, when I slipped on the wet kitchen floor and grabbed the counter on my way down, I thought I had just pulled a muscle. According to the MRI it’s much worse than that. It’s never a good sign when the Dr. starts a review of your tests with, “Well, you really screwed up your shoulder.”

So, while I’m waiting for the next consult, I’m annoyed. (And yes, I’m looking at all options including chiro, acupuncture, orthopedic surgeon, energy work, PT, etc.…)

“Why?” I keep asking. “What is this injury teaching me? What am I not seeing?”

It’s not about needing to slow down. I’ve asked my highest self and my record keepers. That’s not it.  

Then, I had a brief reading with a member of my team.

“They are reminding you that you are surrounded by a whole team of helpers, even when you are irritated by the small things.”

Hmmmm…. I think. And the big?

Because this shoulder is a BIG thing.

Then, I’m shown the notebook that I’ve been carrying with me to my various icing spots. The notebook filled with plans. A new way of doing list-builders that I’ll be sharing this summer, a new masterclass around using magic in your business, a new marketing strategy that my team and I will be fine tuning before I share it.

I’ve been asking for the new ways. I’ve felt them coming.

Heck, I’ve been talking about it for awhile. And taking the next right step, and the next, seeing the path right in front of me and not much further.

Until the fog cleared and the vision revealed itself.

In the notebook, I see the new plan take form and become a fully fleshed out pathway.

Collaborations are out of the closet.

Support systems present themselves.

I feel Source energy surrounding me. The energy of all the unseen helpers guiding me.

If you too are feeling some of that fog, the unknown of the world changing, know that you too are fully supported. Source has your back. All will be revealed.

And if you are longing for more support to make your dreams into physical reality, let’s chat. Just click here and set up your complimentary business assessment.

With all my heart,


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