I once heard Susie Orman say that the #1 fear of most women is to lose it all and end up homeless under a bridge.

I know this one well.

There were times when I felt it welling up. When a launch didn’t go well or my client count dipped. The little voice of helplessness would build the story.

“I’ll lose my house, my husband will leave me, my kids will never talk to me again, my cats will run away, I’ll get sick … and end up homeless under a bridge.”

I’ve been at this work of being human long enough to recognize the story and stop it before it even gets started.

“Is that really true?” I ask. I know it has never been true, will never be true.

Today, hearing this exact story from yet another client, I realized…


This is a story that has been fed to us by a society designed to keep us small and compliant.

Let me repeat this:

The #1 fear of most women is actually a story that has been fed into our consciousness to keep us powerless.

What if we rewrite that story?

What if the story that resonates in our bones, in our society, in our world is that we are POWERFUL because we are women?… We are meant to create, to give birth, to find solutions to questions that haven’t even been answered yet.

We are validated by our ability to see beyond what others think of as failure, to what possibilities exist.

We thrive even when the world doesn’t understand us, because we are connected to something greater.

We will speak truth even when our world betrays us.

We will find a new way when the old ways collapse.

And we will do it together. Holding each other as magnificently capable, uniquely magic beings.

I invite you to acknowledge the Goddess that lives within you, who knows., beyond a shadow of a doubt that Source has your back.

With all my heart,


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