Early in the year I shared my intention to manifest a new kitchen this year.

When I align with my soul’s desires, sh*t happens.

So, while I thought we might begin the remodel this summer, it actually started last week. I thought I had time to set up an outdoor kitchen… but they are using my patio for trash storage and it’s still raining here.

I thought I could rearrange my schedule to have spaciousness while the work was happening. But instead, I’m hiding out at my daughter’s office while the noise, and the cussing, and the rock music that accompanies all construction jobs happens right under my home office.

I thought I could control the chaos.

Now that we are in the middle of it, when my desire pulled the dream into reality months early, I’m laughing at my ego.

Change always brings chaos. Chaos is not something to be controlled. Our job, in the midst of chaos, is to be compassionate with ourselves and others…to look into the eye of the storm and allow ourselves to evolve.

But chaos also brings fear, because chaos hides our view beyond to the other side. As I start this time of home chaos, I’m not sure exactly how we’ll deal with dirty dishes, how often we will eat out, and if I will be able to find the 11-foot floating shelves I’m longing for.

I have to surrenderwith compassion, to finding out as it happens.

Over the last two years we have all, collectively, experienced a time of massive chaos, not knowing what the next day will bring and in that void even our sense of the passage of time was affected. Locking down for what we supposed to be a month or 6-weeks felt out of body weird.

Fear built. In me, in the world.

As sides were drawn and divisions grew deeper over how the pandemic should be handled, I saw the red veil of fear grow thicker, until we almost couldn’t see each other as fellow souls, just as the “other”.

I’ve always been someone who sees both sides. I believe in both magic and science. I love my alternative healers and use Western medicine when my body tells me it’s the right path.

The fear in me became one of losing my tribe, losing all tribe.

Because I believe that masks and vaccines work. And I believe that flooding my body with Source energy works. Together, they make me stronger, and protect those around me.

So, in a world that has becoming increasing black and white… where do I stand?

I know that I’m not alone. Which gives me hope.

What would happen, I wonder, if the lines were to be undrawn? If Western Doctors and Alternative healers worked together to solve this current bit of chaos? If new ways of  healing evolved as a result? If a vaccine and a daily practice of cleansing the body with Source energy became the hand-in-hand solution?

Which brings me right back to business…

The pandemic chaos also brought chaos to the world of work. It will take us all to find our way through.

Not individually, as silos of fear. But together, as community. Recognizing that we each have a different piece to share. That together is the way through, the way to success.

Who’s with me?

With all my heart,


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