On the journey of creating our best life, we begin by coming home to ourselves — reclaiming all parts of who we are, taking responsibility for our energy, and exercising our power to choose.

Yet, often times we are distracted by everything occurring outside of us and lose focus of our creations. (Ask me how I know… as the noise of a kitchen remodel reverberates into my home office.)

We become obsessed with figuring out if or how things are going to work out… will the contractor get the door moved, will the floor tile arrive on time, will the hubby like the faucet I used ordered…All things I don’t control.

We all do it, whether it’s a home project or a business plan, and it is a distraction from the now, where true creation happens.

It’s in the present moment where you can…

  • Take radical self-responsibility and become the author of your own life instead of getting caught up in someone else’s stories.
  • Embody your soul’s unique essence and gracefully flow with the energies around you, so more magical possibilities open up before you.
  • Surrender into trust — to create, dance, play, and make love to the universe.
  • Harmonize your higher desires with your physical needs, calling in both little and big miracles into your daily life.
  • Unite your inner masculine and your inner feminine, allowing love and magic to move through you, creating and expanding your experiences.
  • Allow triggers to crack you open into the deeper crevices of your being so that you can release, heal, and rise higher.

It’s in the present moment where the magic lies.

You have the power to choose who you are and what you want to experience in every now moment. After all, this is YOUR life and no one else gets to live it but you. No one else gets to experience life from your perspective. How special and beautiful is that?

When you learn to consciously use your energy to harmonize and co-create with life, your experiences become magical. You start manifesting your desires with ease. Balancing taking charge and surrendering to the flow of life becomes a graceful dance of polarity.

Living this way requires that you become rooted in self, learn to distinguish your own energetic flavor, and cultivate awareness of how other energies influence you so that you can discern what choices are right for you. In the sea of intermingling energies that is life, you are your anchor and your intuition your GPS.

When you own that you’re the creator of your life, everything changes — and that starts by going within.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about an event I’m participating in – Anchored Within: Embody your True Self, Own your Power, and Live a Sovereign Life! The goal of this event is to create an energetic portal that initiates people into a fuller embodiment of their unique essence and higher levels of conscious creation.

For 5 days, from May 16th to May 20th, 2022, my friend Alegna Moss is bringing you a collective initiation from 15+ spiritual leaders who have found ways to source their magic from within.
Each day will consist of an energetic transmission with nuggets of wisdom on what it means to be anchored within. Followed by access to a diverse collection of tools and resources to help you implement a devoted practice of standing firmly in your own energy.
These are premium resources including e-courses, meditation bundles, program memberships, and more.
I’m offering 5 guided meditation that will lead you to a deeper connection with your Highest Self, your Business, your Money, your Body, and your Inner Mastermind Council of guides.
These are meditations that I currently only share with my high end clients. You get all five as a part of the Anchored Within event.
There’s more I’d love to tell you about this event, but I’ll let you check out all the details for yourself.
Get your ticket for Anchored Within today!

With all my heart,


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