Last week was a full blood moon.

I read that this moon was encouraging us to let go of anything you are hanging onto that is not in your highest and best good.

And then, I saw a coyote meandering through the tall, dry grass on the California hills just north of here.

Coyote… the trickster. A being with both deep wisdom and deep silliness, sometimes using his clownish ways to disarm his opponents. Yet always aware. Always thinking about the end game, the rabbit supper, his warm den, the next wild exhilarating dash across the open field.

What, I wondered, does Coyote think of the full moon?

I drop into meditation and ask what magic Coyote offers us today?

Coyote turns and sits, the corners of his mouth turning upward.

“The wild red blood moon moves us,” he says. “It stirs the blood of our bodies, the energy of our beings. This is a time of change. Well, all times are times of change if only we stop clinging to our insane sense of being in control!

This time however, the change is so profound, one cannot help but see it. I wonder, Julie, if you will cling to the old ways, or give in to the unknown.”

I assure Coyote that I am committed to letting go of the old. Letting go of what no longer serves.

Coyote just gives me that stare… the one that says, riiigggghhhhtttt….

This full moon doesn’t let us hide.

Coyote chases his tail, playing a game for his own joy as I examine my inner space…the tattered notes of resentment and anger that line my walls, the shadowing corners of my shame and guilt, the whispers that I MUST be right.

I don’t need any of that.

Coyote has built a fire, it’s his specialty after stealing fire and giving it to the first humans. I drop my resentment and anger into the fire, sending waves of forgiveness out. I feel a well of love rising to replace those old emotions.

The fire lights the corners of my soul, calling hidden parts of me out of darkness, healing with the power of Source love.

I struggle to give up always being right… but this, too, I agree to release. Instead, I make a commitment to Coyote to be the Fool of the Tarot, to step into the unknown, to truly be part of the next way of being.

Love, what are you being called to release so that you can step into your next level? Your next stage of growth and expansion, your next lane of financial success, your next and best yet offer to the world?

I invite you to consider stepping into the unknown with me by your side, discovering your unique business strategies and opening your channels to more money.

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With all my heart,


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