It is, unbelievably, June.

My birthday is this month and I’m traveling to celebrate. It feels good to be back out in the world, doing normal things, and. … we will be jetting off to Costa Rica, (COVID protocols in the airports, transportation and on the plane regardless of boosters!).

And, my team is busy putting together some amazing things for the second half of the year while I’m away.

I was teaching about money in a networking group the other day and I said, “It becomes easier to make more money once you break the 6-figure ceiling.”

That is one of the reasons why having team to work on your business while you are surfing or hiking a volcano is pretty dang awesome.

Yet, there’s more.

Money is energy. Energy grows.

So, while more money allows you to invest in ways that will grow your wealth and to hire team to grow your business, it also acts as a magnifier on a purely energetic level.

Think about the last time you signed a new client. It felt good, right?

I bet you even did a dorky happy dance around your work space. … or maybe that’s just me.

When a new client joins one of my programs, there is a surge of energy that makes me move my body. It’s Money, joining the relationship we are creating. Money can then add energy to the healing that is happening, to the strategies we will create together, to the actions that my new client will take elevating her outcomes.

It’s the same with you, if you allow Money to partner with you.

Yet, what if you haven’t broken that 6-figure ceiling? The same principles apply.

Money is energy. Money is appreciation. Money is a part of Source energy, love energy.

So, when Money comes to you, celebrate. Dance wildly. Sing with joy. Let Money know you welcome it.

When Money flows from you, send it with love. Pay your bills adding a little prayer for the person who processes payments, that they have a little joy in their day.

Practice tracking your Money miracles with gratitude.

Give with no expectations of getting back.

And Money will find it’s way to you.

This sounds simple, and it is; Yet it’s not always easy.

We have society and family beliefs buried in our unconscious, that keep us stuck at an “acceptable” income level.

Often, we have past life vows and contracts that were made at a soul level in response to a life that we no longer live. Many of the women who find themselves in my tribe once walked the earth as witches and healers, and many lost their lives because of it. So, their soul made a vow to stay small and hidden. And this, keeps Money small in their lives.

Clearing these vows and rewriting these beliefs is one reason that the work I do is so potent.

You know, I lived in an abusive marriage for 20 years, because I believed I couldn’t make enough money to take care of my kids. When I finally left, I was broken and broke.

Money taught me to step into my power. To be strong. To claim my wisdom. To show others the way. It became my mission to help other women know the pathway to crating financial abundance, so that they would have the choice to go or stay…not because of lack, but because it served their highest good.

Money, it seems, has always been on my side. When I let it speak to me, I found ways to open the channels for more.

This is the freedom I wish for you.

To celebrate my birth month, I’ve opened my calendar for a few complimentary Feminine Business Assessment calls before I fly off. Feel into the possibilities and, If you are ready to open your channels to more money, Let’s chat.

Click here to schedule your call.

With all my heart

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