I’m so excited to announce the Feminine Business Magic Summer Lecture Series. This free event happens July 11- 15, and you can participate from your own cozy queen chair.

This is a really different kind of event. It’s more than a summit, more than a series of interviews.

This is a week-long summer school to bring more magic into your business, with lectures designed to teach you the best practices for combining both spiritual practice and physical world actions that allow you to build faster, attract more perfect clients, and increase your income dramatically while honoring your Divine Feminine way of operation.

Just a few of the lessons include:

  • Co-Creating with the “How ” To Create Magic In Your Business Structure with Jennifer Urezzio, the founder of Soul Language.

So often as spiritual entrepreneurs we can get lost in the “woo woo” aspects of our businesses. In this Lecture, Jennifer shares how to create structures that your business needs, while maintaining the magic of working within your soul-wisdom. You will have both the BE and the DO of successful business.

  • Today, more and more corporate companies are looking for ways to foster  longevity and excellence from their workers. This has led to a huge opening for coaches, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs to serve the corporate world.

Tracy Kay is leading a lecture on how you can Through Corporate Clients.

  • Michelle Orwick, an initiated Priestess of the Goddess Path, is teaching her proven method to Manifest Your Dream Clients.

What might be possible for you if you could put practices in place to call in your divine right clients… whenever you desire? Michelle is going to share how.

That is just a few of the exciting, amazing lectures we have planned. Check out the rest of them here: https://juliefoucht.com/2022-lecture-series/

Here’s the deal. The world is shifting QUICKLY.

And so is business.

Those that take action now, learning to step between this world and the spirit space in service to their soul’s mission, will be the ones leading the next generation of money makers.

When you join us for the Feminine Business Magic Summer Lecture Series, you’ll get:

  • Three complete video/audio lessons from the experts each day for 5 days;

These lessons are not just ‘talking-head’ interviews where you get to listen to experts discuss their achievements. These are real practices and tools that you can put into action immediately to grow your business the Feminine Way.

It’s like sitting in a virtual classroom with each lesson taught by a different professor where you LEARN what you need in order to HAVE your dream business

  • The Feminine Business Magic Ritual book, filled with rituals, practices and tools, delivered right to your inbox. You’ll have the worksheets,  templates, and processes that you’ve learned from our expert lecturers, at your fingertips…forever!
  • A private, secret Facebook community for the duration of the event where you will
  • Network and get to know other magical souls;
  • Engage with the experts, if you like, to get your questions answered; and 
  • Share your ah-has and become known as an expert yourself; and
  • You’ll receive additional Gratitude Gifts from each expert to elevate your learning and delight your soul.

All of this value is yours free… because where one succeeds, we all succeed.

There is so much more I’d love to tell you about the event, but I’ll let you experience it for yourself. 

Simply click here and reserve your space

With all my heart,

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