On my journey through this life, I have come to realize that things change, no matter how much we want them to stay the same.

This is especially true in business.

Strategies that created massive growth a few years ago cause barely a ripple today.

What we’ve all recognized with the world-wide pandemic and shutdowns, is that we can no longer do this the way they have been done before.

Which is why I’m so excited to share the Feminine Business Magic Summer Lecture Series, July 11 – 15.

This is a different kind of event serving soul-fueled entrepreneurs who are frustrated and bitter from trying to stuff themselves into formulas that feel too small for their Souls, and who are ready to create success that honors their Divine Feminine while providing them an abundant life.

  • A life where you decide what days of the week you work, and what days you spend playing with the little people in your life;
  • A life where you decide when you vacation, where you are going, and who you are taking with you. And you don’t have to beg for the time off hoping that the boss doesn’t come up with some last minute “emergency” that keeps you from going;
  • A life where you have the money to give to causes you believe in, support the people you love, and have plenty left over for that magical Goddess statue at the Saturday market;
  • A life where your work expands your heart and fills your soul while making a huge influence in the world; and 
  • A life of magic…

Creating Magic in your business requires that you first recognize who you are at a soul-level and align with the energy of Source….

… then take action that is aligned with your purpose.

Opportunity arrives from this place, and doors open that you never could have imagined. Projects get done with more ease. And the flow of money opens into your life.

The teachers in the Feminine Business Magic Summer Lecture Series are each experts with years of experience helping their clients and themselves to do just this.

And they have agreed to share their “how-tos” with you.

In the Feminine Business Magic Summer Lecture Series, you’ll get:

  • Three complete video/audio lessons from the experts each day for 5 days

I’m teaching a couple of the lectures: Marketing from Your Feminine and The Art of Opening Your Money Channels!

These lessons are not just ‘talking-head’ interviews where you get to listen to experts discuss their achievements. These are real practices and tools that you can put into action immediately to grow your business the Feminine Way.

It’s like sitting in a virtual classroom with each lesson taught by a different professor where you LEARN what you need in order to HAVE your dream business.

  • The Feminine Business Magic Ritual book, filled with rituals, practices and tools, delivered right to your inbox. You’ll have the worksheets, templates, and processes that you’ve learned from our expert lecturers, at your fingertips…


  • A private, secret Facebook community for the duration of the event where you will
    • Network and get to know other magical souls;
    • Engage with the experts, if you like, to get your questions answered; and
    • Share your ah-has and become known as an expert yourself.

I invite you to consider joining us now…

… because where one succeeds, we all succeed.

Simply click here and reserve your space

With all my heart,

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