What would it be like to have 15 of the top experts in the art of combining proven spiritual practice with business strategy to create soul-fueled success, sit down in your living room and teach you how to do what they’ve done?

What would be possible for you?

  • What if you could master the art of manifesting dream clients… whenever you wanted?
  • What if you could open the flow of money to create the resources you need to take your dream vacation or buy your dream home?
  • What if you learned to work outside of time, so that you get all the work done, all your clients served and still had time for playing with the people you love the most on sunny weekday afternoons?

What else?

Now, I can’t give you the actual experts in person, yet, I have called together 15 of my favorite peeps for the Art of Feminine Business Magic Summer Lecture Series. Each expert is sharing lessons, just like this, in a recorded 20 – minute lecture that you can use to supercharge your business growth with the ease and flow of the Divine Feminine.

I’m sitting in as we record these lessons, and I promise you, the info is ah-maze-balls!

The 5-day Art of Feminine Business Magic Summer Lecture Series runs from July 11-15.

Each day you’ll receive three video/audio lessons taught by different experts. Not just talking heads, these are actual teachings that they use for themselves and their clients.

And you’ll be able to ask questions, share your ah-ha s, and interact with the experts in a private Facebook community during the event.

I’ve created The Feminine Business Magic Ritual book to anchor your learning.  The book is filled with rituals, practices, worksheets and tools from the event experts, that will be delivered right to your inbox when you register for the event. You’ll have lifetime access to all that wisdom.

Ready to infuse magic into your business?

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With all my heart,

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