Over 4-weeks in August, I’m gathering a small group of dynamic, soul-centered , divinely feminine entrepreneurs and showing them how to double or even triple their income by the end of the year using the energetic and 3-D practices of The Alchemy of Money.

We will shift your energy and understanding of money, and that means that you get to step off the hamster wheel of do more, push more, and grind more,  while feeling small, powerless and disappointed that traditional masculine business strategies teach.

If you’ve ever heard “…that didn’t work for you because you didn’t want it enough…“ you were being lied to.

Working through your divine feminine and using the principles of the Alchemy of Money allows you to open your receiving channels even more to the flow of abundance, without sacrificing the rest of your life (which is really what that statement implies you should do!)

Discovering those principles in the last 30 years of my study of money has allowed me to create a life I love.

I work 3 to 4 days a week, I pick up my grandkids from school one or two days a week, sometimes more. I take Kiki girl to soccer practice in the afternoon and set aside time to cook with Maddy. I spend the weekends hanging out with my husband, lately at Home Depot. I take multiple vacations a year and live in a home that fills me with light… Especially my brand – new custom kitchen … I make a six-figure income with ease and I work with amazing clients to help them do the same.

Over 4 weeks this August, I’m going to show you how you can do the same, tapping into the energy of money to open the flow of abundance.

We will expand your ability to receive, so money flows easily to you and isn’t diverted to more available channels.

You will walk away knowing how to:

 ~ Understand the energetic nature of money and how to work with that energy to grow your bank account

~ Connect with the Divine Energy of Money and pull it through the veil as dollars in the physical plane

~ Uncover and plug your money holes so you get to keep more of it for yourself and your family

~ Use the pleasure principle to create more ease while increasing your income from multiple channels

~ Discover and transform your hidden money shadows so they stop dropping land mines in your way and become loved and respected allies

I’ll hand you my tried-and-true recipe for manifesting your deepest heart desires.

…. And we’ll implement it, right then and there, together.

Of course, you’ll use these principles over and over in your life to…

… manifest new clients to your programs and products

… create new channels for money to flow to you

… open unexpected partnerships and opportunities

… grow your impact and influence while having plenty of time to play in the sunshine with your favorite people.

Want to join us?

I’m keeping this group small, so apply for one of the open seats today.

Just send me a note with the subject “I’m ready to open the flow of money” and I will send you the next step.

With all my heart,

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