If you are looking to double the amount of money that flows into your bank account by the end of the year…

AND, you want to do it without sacrificing time with your kids, your self-care, or your integrity…

…then you might be interested in a new group I’m leading in August.

I’m bringing together a small group of soul-fueled women entrepreneurs and showing them how to connect with the Alchemy of Money to open their own channels of abundance…

Without having to double the number of hours they work….

Without having to betray their values in order to make a sale….

Without making themselves smaller to fit some guru’s formula…

… while being fully, unapologetically…themselves.

Would you like to join us?

You do have to have some things in place to make this work. You need to have a business in place and have enrolled some clients/ made some sales. And you have to be willing to challenge your current money beliefs.

If you’ve got that going on, and have a gut/heart feeling that there is more for you than what you have right now….

… COMMENT below to let me know you want to be considered.

With all my heart,

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